Quality Condo Rentals at Crystal Mountain Ski Resort


I just wanted to thank you all again for the AMAZING job that you are doing at Silver Skis! I have spent every season up there for the last 5 years, and have always loved the community but dreaded the chaos that went with it!

This season it is such a pleasure to arrive in a clean unit with fresh towels, and a great attitude with real professionals in the front office! I hope that you will all stay FOREVER!! Take care, and enjoy the sunshine! Kind regards, Julienne Kuttel

I wanted to thank you for the amazing costumer service we received while staying at the lodge. It was by far the best I've encountered. Thank you so much, I'll definitely be coming back again. Thanks again and I hope you all have an amazing Christmas. Take care- Brad Beard

Hello, Rehne, we hope you and your husband are doing well! We want to thank you again for all your very kind help this past Christmas season, when you kindly accommodated 10 of us in 2 different condos. You were also unfailingly gracious to my mother and very frail aunt, a wonderful and now bittersweet memory for all of us, as my aunt died at Easter; our good times at Crystal were our last holiday with her. Meanwhile, warmest wishes to you and your husband and renewed thanks for all your past help, Margaret E. Gray

I hope you and your husband are doing well. Time does seem to fly by. It is already ski season and my family looks forward to staying at the Silver Ski's lodge. Cheers, Carlos Moravek

Thanks, Rehne. I'm still skiing, God willing for many years to come. I have two weeks booked at Whistler this year. That's not enough skiing for me. I'll be back! I'll be in touch when I know that my daughter or a friend can ski with me. Or maybe I'll come up for a couple of weekdays when the conditions are looking good. Thanks for doing such a great job there. You took that place to a whole new level of service and excellence. Steve Woodworth

I was talking with a friend that rented up at SS last week and they were telling me how absolutely AWESOME you and your staff were! I want to let you know how much you are truly appreciated and that you do a stupendous job! We are so fortunate to have you making Crystal and SS such a fabulous place. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Henry Brown

I just want to say how proud, privileged, and lucky we are to have you and Mates at the helm and others working for you at Silver Skis. You do a masterful job of keeping all of the plates spinning and making the owners and renters happy. The grounds have never looked better, especially through this tough and LONG winter! I wanted to give you kudos and congrats for another absolutely stupendous year of managing a very big program. We are so fortunate to have you and your team at Silver Skis. Thank you.


Photo credit of Summit House photo: Rory Robison

Snow covered trees in the Cascade Mountains

chairlifts in the summer - looking down on the Crystal Mountain Ski Resort